Form backup and Preview Pane



Directed here by Sue Mosher
Outlook 2002 / XP

Sue has helped me get my forms designed the way I want them. I have one
remaining problem - when I use a form and then try to view it in the
Preview Pane, I get
'This item contains active content that cannot be displayed in the
Preview Pane.'
I have built this Form from the Outlook 'Post' form and the only
change was to add the 'Expires' date field.
As a tangential question, how do I backup these custom forms I make?
I would like to back them up to a folder containing all my forms.
Finally, I have included below some of the thread between Sue and me.

Even if the form has never had code, in at least some versions of Outlook, a
custom form won't show anything in the preview pane. It might be possible,
with code, to remove the property that causes that, but it requires CDO (or
Redemption) and I can't put my finger on the code sample right now. If you
need it, I'll dig deeper.

-- Sue Mosher, Outlook MVP Author of Microsoft Outlook Programming -
Jumpstart for Administrators, Power Users, and Developers
Sue Mosher [MVP-Outlook] wrote:
Does your form have code behind it (or has ever had code behind it)?
this is normal behavior.

FYI, there is a newsgroup specifically for Outlook forms issues "down

Sue, to make sure, I created a new form off the Starard Library 'Post.'
Added the date per your instructions. I don't know any code and changed
only the 'Expired' label to 'Date.' Published it under a new form name.
Still get the 'item contains active content' message over an empty
Preview Pane. I may copy our discussion to a new post a place it on
microsoft.public.outlook.program_forms. Thanks so far.

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