Custom Form & Preview Pane


Scott Halper

I created a custom form and when I receive and open the message, my
form displays, however when the message is showing in the preview
pane, the preview pane shows the body of a traditional message form
and it contains my auto signature 5 times. Is there any way to have
the form automatically disable the preview pane for that message? or
at least tell me how i can delete the data that is showing up in the
preview pane.

Thanks for the help.

Sue Mosher [MVP-Outlook]

If you put code behind the form, any code at all, the preview pane will no longer display.

Removing the existing content would involve editing the form to display the message body, if it's not already on a visible page, running the form, deleting the content from the message body, then republishing -- or writing code to clear the Body property.

In the future, you should disable your autosignature before starting a form design session.

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