Forgot Log-In Password in Windows Vista




I haven't used my laptop for a while, and I forgot my login password. I can
only recall the first half of it. Anyway, can you tell me how I can get into
my laptop.


P.S. I need it for homework. I'm in college. Please help soon!! Thanks!


I had to take it apart and take out the small battery, then out it back in a
i got right into my computer wit no password problem...then I promptly turned
off the password option!!

John Aldrich

My preference is to use the NT Password Reset Disk from

It's an ISO you download, burn to a CD and then boot off of. It's
actually a live Linux CD that has the capability of editing the
password file. When Vista first came out, it didn't work too well with
Vista, but the more recent versions of that live CD have worked quite
well on the few Vista machines I've had to fix due to a forgotten

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