Font size: smaller than size, then shifts to normal size ...


Mischief Boy

Font Size is the area I am stuck on. I have actually never seen this happen
Word document ... Started with a title, underlined and bold, font size = 12.

Followed the title with a bullet. Started typing, and saw that the actual
size of the words were very, very small, in contrast to what the actual font
size was, shown up on the toolbar. Without any warning, as I continued to
type, the actual size increased to match the "12" size font (the way it is
supposed to). The only thing this reminds me of is that when I have typed in
a fraction (1/2 ... or 1/4, etc.) those characters change to a smaller size
(again, regardless of the font size shown in tool bar). However, the font
size returns to the correct size immediately. But in this case, I cannot get
it to change from the smaller size. Can someone help me with this?
Extremely irritating!

Peter T. Daniels

Sounds like the tiny letters are formatted with Superscript (or maybe
Subscript). Maybe you accidentally hit Ctrl-Shift-+ or Ctrl-= while
looking for something else.

To fix them, select the bad characters and press whichever of the
above shortcuts fixes it (or just press Ctrl-Shift-Z, but then you
won't know which one it was).

Or select the text, open Format > Font (Ctrl-D), and uncheck the
Superscript/Subscript box.

Suzanne S. Barnhill

Well, assuming the issue is not your Zoom ratio, select the text and press
Ctrl+Spacebar. If you have inadvertently applied the superscript or
subscript font property, that will remove it.

Suzanne S. Barnhill
Microsoft MVP (Word)
Words into Type
Fairhope, Alabama USA

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