Font alignment issues in Vista



I've noticed this in Word, Powerpoint and OpenOffice now and it's quite

When moving documents from an XP system to a Vista system and back, the font
alignment gets completely screwed up. Horizontal appears to be fine, however
the vertical alignment appears to be off just enough to pooch the page layout
of anything over a page long (or screw up the headers of pages in Powerpoint).

I'm using Vista Business, Office 2007 and OpenOffice 2.1. The XP systems I'm
comparing to are running variants of Office 2007, Office 2003, but all are
running OpenOffice 2.1. The documents in question are all using standard
fonts (Arial and Times New Roman).

I've heard that Dell is having HUGE issues with this internally and they're
quite upset about the whole thing...

How can I fix?


Word repaginates documents when you change printers. By switching between
Vista and XP print drivers, Word is probably thinking that the document
needs to be repaginated so the flow gets messed up. The only way I've heard
of preventing the issue is to set Adobe Acrobat as the default print device
when in Word, and print everything to PDF, then print the PDF to the
printer. Not a convenient method, but the only one I've heard of.


The devices in question all used the same driver: A Lexmark Optra S
2355...and Vista even used the XP driver in this case.

I'll try setting them all to a PDF driver to see if the same thing happens.

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