Folder redirection to home folder


John H

Ok, so I have a user population of 10000 or so users. We have just
implemented Folder redirection for the users and the policy redirects the "My
Documents" to their Home Folder. We have a mix of XP adn W2K Pro. Xp is
redirecting fine, but we are having issues with W2K Pro boxes. I started
reading and I now see that this was not supported on W2K Pro. So, I have 2
questions. The first question is has their been a patch or hotfix released
that would allow this functionality through W2K Pro. Second question, if
there has not been anything released to give this functionality, then how
would I go about this in a different method? I can push a registry change to
point to the Home Drive, but then the contents of the "My Documents" folder
are not automatically moved to the target.

Any help would be much appreciated.


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