Folder Redirection creates recursively nested folders



Someone suggested that I repost this in this group, I had posted it to

I've defined folder redirection for a user. Our normal structure is
for each user to have an individual share, which is mapped as their
home directory. I set folder redirection to map each of the four
redirected folders to sub-folders in their home directory.
For example, if a user's home directory is \\server\janeDoe, then they
would have a mapped Drive H: that maps to \\server\janeDoe.

Folder redirection for My Documents is set to "All users use same
settings" with the setting being

What happens on the second log in is the folder redirection process
ends up creating new folders as sub folders to the first ones created.
So after three logins, I end up with
H:\My_documents\My_Documents\My_documents\ then it re-copies all of the

my_documents contents to the latest subdirectory.

I really don't want to have a separate share for Desktops, My
Documents, Application Data. I would like them to be located in the
users H: drive(Home directory)

Has anyone else experienced this recursive folder creation? I've seen
the same behaviour at one other site, and never found an explanation.


I guess, something mislinked the handling of variables in the path. To
the point the thing that you want to implement can be done with
Scriptlogic's Desktop Authority ( We
have alike user home directory structure. We have structure like
server\\ourusers\individualoffice\individualuser\ so that each user
have its own dedicated folder within the home folder storage tree. We
implemented this with root mapping function within Desktop Authority.
Each subfolder acts as if it is a root folder. Because we use dynamic
KIX variables users get their own 'My documents folder' no matter from
which computer they are logging in.

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