Folder not inheritting permissions



I need to lock down the hard drive so users don't have write access.

I applied permissions for the users group, and creator owner at the C:\
level and enabled it to propagate to all child objects.

The permissions were successfully pushed to all subfolders with one
exception. When new user accounts are created their associated profile
directory C:\Documents and Settings\user folder doesn't inherit the

Is there a way I can fix this, other than having the new user logon (which
will create the folder) then logging on with my account which has admin
rights to manually set permissions on the folder?

Running WXP SP2




Doug Knox MS-MVP

You can't completely disable write access to the user's Documents and Settings\<username> folder. NTUSER.DAT which stores the user's portion of the registry is located there, and no user settings would be able to be saved. This may cause various applications to not function correctly or generate errors. Additionally, other folders in Documents and Settings need to be able to be written to, so that applications can save their information.

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