Flex Grid Control



Peter Hibbs' demo of the flex grid control was very helpful...

How would I go about setting one up... I tried using the demo as a baseline,
but I'm getting lic issues, and quite frankly I'm a little lost....

Please if you would, shed some light.


Arvin Meyer [MVP]

I think that the FlexGrid control must be installed and registered on each
machine by a VB6 app, before it can be referenced by an Access app, in order
for the license to be valid.


Right now it's just me...(my harddrive) I just want to see how I can shape
this tool into something we can use...

Peter Hibbs


What exact 'issues' are you having and what are trying to do with the
flex grid control.

Peter Hibbs.


I saw your demo, the example of tracking orders by customer is something I am
interested in.

I would like to be able to track my jobs by machine... basiclly a machine
schedule that can be updated, if a customer would like to expedite an order.

My issue is that I keep getting that message that says that I don't have a
license for that control....Do I have to download or buy the control??... I
did move it to my system32 folder, but I'm still missing something...

Beyond that, I was hoping I would be able to kind of figure it out myself,
in terms of changing the queries to fit my existing tables etc. What I really
would need is a full understanding of the code... so I can 'talk' to it.

Any help would be terrific. Thanks

Peter Hibbs


Regarding the Flex grid license.....

You could get it by installing Visual Studio 6 but you would be better
to download the free Visual Basic 2008 Express Edition from Microsoft
at http://www.microsoft.com/express/download/ which includes the Flex
Grid license (hopefully you have got a fast broadband connection).

Just download the file and install it on the PC, what I did was go to
the bottom of this page and downloaded the complete Visual Studio
Express Edition and copied it to a DVD which is then easier to
install. This way you also get Web Developer, Visual C and SQL Server
(well you never know when it might be useful). Once you have installed
VB 2008 (which takes ages by the way) you don't even have to run it if
you don't want to, the Flex Grid control can then be inserted into
your forms.

If you are distributing your database to other users, they do not need
to do this but they do need to register the flex grid control as I
explained in the notes.

Regarding your coding, all I can suggest is that you work through the
examples there to see how to program the flex grid control using VBA.
There is a bit more information on the Microsoft Web site which may
help. If you have any specific questions regarding the code then post
back to this forum, I or someone may be able to help.

Peter Hibbs.

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