Understanding the Flex Grid control



I have read the earlier post on using the Flex Grid Control and I end up
getting an error that displays the VBA window with the section Function
fReturnSysDir() being highlighted in yellow. I assume that this is an error
and I need to change it. The OCX is loaded in my WinNT\System 32 folder. It
probably is an easy fix but I can't see it through the forest of trees. What
do I do?


Peter Hibbs


Are you using the Flex Grid demo program on Roger Carlsons Web site?

If so, and it sounds as if you are using Windows NT, you will probably
have to change the folder that the program thinks the control is in.

Open any VBA code window and click on Tools > References... Click on
the Flex Grid control in the list and then click the Browse button.
Locate the MSFLXGRD.OCX in the System32 folder, you will have to
change the Files of Type option to ActiveX Controls (*.ocx) on the
File Selector, and click Open.

Actually the modSystem32Check module and code is only there to ensure
the .ocx file is in the correct folder, you don't really need it. You
could Rem out the four lines of code in the Switchboard Open event
that calls this code which will stop your error.

I assume you have also registered the control in Windows with the
regsvr32.exe program as described in the notes.


Peter Hibbs.

a a r o n . k e m p f

Winnt is also the name of the system directory for windows2000, right?

I agree-- Access forms have all the power you need, I _LOVE_ being
able to use ActiveX controls in MS Access-- but for a simple

Are you kidding me?


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