Finding Where a Macro is Used?



I am attempting to find a problem with a MSAcess app that
was written by someone else. I am trying to find where a
macro is being used in the app. Tried using the
documenter on all the macros but it did not help.


Steve Schapel


A macro doesn't "know" where it is being used, so documenting the macros
won't help.

However, most macros will be allocated on an event property of a form or
report, or of a control on a form or report. Therefore, you will
probably find the macro by using the documenter on the forms and
reports. Unfortunately there will be a lot of pages of stuff to scan
through, but as far as I know this is your only option with native
Access functionality. Otherwise, a third party tool, such as Total
Access Analyzer from provides more power.
Jun 9, 2011
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I think I found a way to find it in the code... If it is a macro called by code go to Tools > Macro > Visual Basic Editor click on any open module either form control or access module. Then Edit > Find and select Current Project. type in the marco name and search.

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