Finding Templates - Word 2007



I have Office 2007 installed locally. My Template location in "Modify
Location" is supposed to be \Documents and Settings\LSmith\Application

There are no Templates for Word stored in the Startup folder. When I save a
new template to that area and create a new Word document, it does not use my
new Template. My new Template is not named "Normal".

Any help in being able to either find where my default Word Template is, or
how to create a new template I can use on startup would be appreciate.



Suzanne S. Barnhill

The Startup folder is for templates to be used as global templates, not
document templates. Document templates should be stored in the same folder
as Normal.dotx, which is a sort of hybrid document/global template. That
location is the path given for "Document templates."

A document template provides layout and styles; a global template provides
macros, toolbars, menus, AutoText, and other "tools," but no content. See

You cannot create a new template to use by default on startup. Word always
uses Normal.dotx, which can be modified (the article at gives
instructions for Word 2003 and earlier, some of which you may be able to
adapt). If you want Word to start with a document based on a different
template, you can add the /t switch to the shortcut used to start Word (see Note, however,
that this affects only the first document created; the New button will still
create a document based on Normal.dotx.

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