filtering messages sent "on behalf of" using rules


The Muskrat


I receive a lot of emails that are from several users (Chirs, Marie, and
Mike) on behalf of another account to which they have shared access
("ACCOUNT1"). All of these emails are technically sent from the users on the
accounts behalf (e.g., from Chirs on behalf of ACCOUNT1). I have set up a
rule that puts all emails from ACCOUNT1 into a specific folder, but since
these emails are technically coming from the users (Chris, Marie, and Mike)
the rule is not catching it. I receive other messages from these users so I
don't want to simply have all messages sent from Chris, Marie, or Mike
filtered out of my inbox. Is there a way that using rules I can have any
message sent on behalf of "ACCOUNT1" go to a specific folder?

Thanks in advance!



Diane Poremsky {MVP}

How does the rule read?

This is an exchange account? If so, you can't look for words (account1 email
address) in the header.

Diane Poremsky [MVP - Outlook]
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