Filter not working with Birthdays.




Using OL2003 and a tip Brian Tillman helpfully provided to get "recurring"
events in the next week to show with their actual dates (rather than the date
of first occurance) by exporting them and importing as individual events.

However, in working on this I've noticed that although the "start in next 7
days" filter (in events / table view) leaves mainly events where an
occurance starts in the next 7 days (albeit with the date of the first
occurance), it also includes a couple of birthdays which occur yearly (yup,
no kidding!) in June and July.

This seems odd behaviour and I'm wondering if anyone has thoughts on it /
why it's like that / if this is normal (ie there might be something special
about birthdays). The two birthdays were automatically imported from
contacts and don't appear in my calendar in day/week/month view but do open
normally and the recurrance window doesn't show anything unusual (1 day,
yearly, every July 26th, starting 1970, no end date).

If this is normal, I'm suprised not to be able to find any other threads on
it, but if anyone has any thoughts I'm keen to hear them.

Kind regards, Sam

Diane Poremsky [MVP]

recurring events will always show when you filter by date. You can hide them
using the Recurrence field.


Hi Diane, Sorry - I clicked the wrong link there! but thanks for your
response :)

I understand that it will show recurring events where there is an occurance
of that event between the dates specified in the filter, but it seems odd
that an event which happens every June / July should appear with other events
that are filtered to only show events (and occurances of events) happening in
the next 7 days. There are
other events that occur less frequently than once per week and so there
isn't an occurance in the next 7 days and therefore don't turn up in the
events returned.

I was wondering if there is something special about Birthday events or if it
is likely something is iffy in my installation etc.


Diane Poremsky [MVP]

There is nothing special about birthday events that is not on other
recurring all day events. Open the events, check the recurrence and/or add
the recurrence and recurrence pattern fields to the view so you can see what
outlook is seeing. If you create a filter to show events in the next 7 days,
recurring events will display because they are 'ongoing' - you have to
filter them out using recurrence or categories fields or create specific 1
day events that do not recur.

I have noticed that sometimes the recurrence pattern field is empty when I
add it to a view. It doesn't seem to effect filters, but looking at the
recurrence dialog takes care of it.


Hi Diane,
Thanks for your speedy response. The problem was with the other recurring
events that I thought should appear if it shows all events which are
recurring, not the two birthdays which I can now see were behaving normally
(their recurrence pattern is as it should be).

That certainly seems an odd way of doing things.

Thanks for your suggestion of eliminating events that are recurring using
that field. However, I think that will eliminate recurring events that do
have an occurance that week (which I'd want to keep) and therefore manual
editing of the list is probably easiest.


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