Calendar appointment I never made appears in trash EVERY 20minutes



Every 20minutes (without fail) a new calendar appointment called "Nicole's
Birthday" appears in my trash folder.
Each appointment (there are dozens, if not hundreds) is EXACTLY the same
(same time, date, etc) but i never made this appointment.

Now, i did make an all day event called "Nicole's Birthday" on her birthday
in my calendar, but the appointments showing up in the trash have the date
COMPLETELY wrong (month, day, and year all wrong) and is randomly scheduled
for 7-7:30

So, why is outlook creating these random appointments every 20minutes, then
deleting them just as fast so that they all collect in my trash folder? and,
more importantly, what can i do to stop this?!?!


Did you ever find the solution to this? I'm having the exact same
problem. Please let me know if you figured out how to get rid of the


I'm syncing with Outlook and having same problem. Several reoccurring and non-reoccurring events long past reappear in my Outlook Trash folder each time the synch happens. The dates of all of these hundreds of duplicate events is 7-730PM on 12/31/1979. How can I purge all such events and reset the sync to prevent this from happening again?

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