FileSystemWatcher NotifyFilters.LastWrite being inadvertantly triggered by Norton AntiVirus NAV



We are writing application program code using Visual Basic .NET (using the Microsoft .NET 1.0 framework).
We have used a FileSystemWatcher control and have set it to watch for new WRITES to an XML text file.
See below

FileSystemWatcher1.Path = sDirectoryToWatc
FileSystemWatcher1.Filter = sFilenameToWatc
FileSystemWatcher1.IncludeSubdirectories = Fals
FileSystemWatcher1.NotifyFilter = NotifyFilters.LastWrit

Whenever NAV runs, it inadvertantly triggers the LastWrite event as NAV passes over the file being watched.
When I look at the properties of the file, it does NOT show that the modify date (or any dates) have really changed.

Either this is a bug in NAV, or more likely the MS .NET FileSystemWatcher control.
Please advise. Ric

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