File name you specified not valid or too long



Good morning,

I am facing a problem with my nlaptop at work. I am trying to delete a
folder but I would get always the same message: File name you specified is
not valid or too long. By either right click and delete or delete from
keyboard same problem. Also I can't copy it.
The file name is much less that 250 character as specified for the maximum
charactere number in windows XP. I do not understand. I am running with OEM
windows XP and lastely I instaled office 2007. This folder just cause me
Would you have got any idea?





John John (MVP)

Actually, counting the drive letter, colon and null terminating
character the Windows API MAX_PATH is 260 characters:

"C:\<256 characters><NUL>"

And even that is not completely true... Using special techniques or
functions the API can handle extended-length paths of about 32,000
characters, these long paths are prefixed with "\\?\" and are separated
by backslashes at every 255 characters (or less). However, for the
purpose of common Windows tools and commands the MAX_PATH is limited to
256 characters.

Naming a File


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