File Migration - Example of an FMU log from MSDSS??


Ryan Hanisco


I would like to use the FMU utility to move files and their associated
permissions without having to do the user migration. One of the options
that I am exploring is using the FMU with a manually created mapping
file between the Netware and AD accounts. I am not able to find an
example of the 1.txt file that would be created or a file spec that
would make this possible.

If anyone can provide me with a spec or an example of one of these, it
would really help. Please feel free to change your data in the file as
I do NOT want to compromise your security.


Ryan Hanisco

Ryan Hanisco

I was able to get this to work where the FMU translation file was built
manually and the FMU tool was able to migrate files from Traditional and
NSS volumes to NTFS volumes preserving the permissions.

I'm positing this to help anyone else looking for a cheap/ easy way to
do the migrations. I wasn't able to find any help out there on the web.

Ryan Hanisco
FlagShip Integration Services
(e-mail address removed)

Sean Murphy

Hi Ryan,

I'm in the middle of a NDS migration project and would be very
interested in your results.


Sean Murphy
Ensynch, Inc.
Whatever IT Takes

Ryan Hanisco


I have done this several times and am in the middle of three
simultaneous NetWare to Windows 2003 migrations with multi-national
manufacturing firm. I would be happy to answer any questions you have
and help if I can.

I am using the MSDSS tools and the FMU and have had very good success
with this. While we have used third-party tools for this before, it
just doesn't make too much sense given the robustness of the MSDSS --
the caveat is that the engineers working on the project must have a very
good understanding of both products and the AD tree and DNS should be
healthy before anything migrates.

I have also been using the FMU tool without doing the migration,
building the translation files based on SQL queries on exports from both
directories. (This is the posting you referenced.)

Let me know if you have specific questions.

Ryan Hanisco
Sr. Project Lead
FlagShip Integration Services

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