Faxing through a network computer.



Here's the set-up. My computer is connected to a phone line. The other
computer is not connected to a phone line, but it is networked to my
computer. My computer has Vista and the other has XP.

How can I set things up so that the XP computer can fax a document from an
application through the network to the phone line attached to my Vista

My father is also trying this on his network, but he has two XP machines. I
did see a page that said something about Microsoft Exchange with Fax
Services, but none of the computers involved are using MS Exchange. We both
have two computers networked together with two seperate users, and everyone
needs to send their own faxes.

I've done a search in this forum for "fax" and nobody seems to be mentioning
faxes. Please help.






Richard G. Harper [MVP]

In general, consumer grade modem/fax devices do not support network
operation. Windows can't force a device to do something it can't do

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