Faxing software needed & Printing Problem with Vista Home Premium



Does anyone know of a faxing software package that works in Vista Home
Premium 32 bit and a Lexmark X6150 All-In-One Printer/fax/copier/Scan? I
have ADSL (Via Telstra(Bigpond) in Australia so sending faxes via dial up
modem can't be done. I would love it if it would fax out of programs like
Office 2003/2007 & Internet Explorer.

I have gotten the Lexmark X6150 somewhat working in Vista Home Premium
32bit. I can print and scan up to 300 DPI. But one problem I am having with
printing is the 'Printing Status' box does not close when a print job is
complete. I have to restart/reboot Vista to be able to print another doc.
Canceling/deleting print job after the print job is complete does as any new
print job just sits in the print cue. I hope some here can help me as I have
gotten nowhere with Lexmark customer support either in the USA or Australia.

TIA :)



Hal Hostetler [MVP P/I]

One can usually do dial-up faxing with an ADSL line if you connect the modem
through a DSL line filter (the same type filter required to connect an
ordinary analog telephone to a DSL line). As for a replacement Fax program,
there are several names that have been posted to this group, Snappy Fax
appears to be one of the more popular:


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