fax from OL



I use OL 2000 with Win 98 SE, and I recently switched to a
DSL connection, with a special modem. Can you tell me if I
can send faxes from OL without a fax-modem, and how to do,
please ?

Russ Valentine

No. All Fax software must use an analog phone line and analog fax modem.
With some DSL connections you can obtain a DSL line filter suitable for
connecting a standard analog voice line to the DSL line and can then connect
an analog fax modem to that line.

Duke Williams

Sending a fax by DSL requires one of two methods:

1. You obtain a DSL line filter suitable for connecting a standard voice
telephone to the DSL line, then connect a regular analog fax modem to the
line through the line filter. Your DSL provider has these filters, as does
your local Radio Shack store:

http://www.radioshack.com/category....4_004_002_000&Page=1&find=dsl filter(keyword)

2. You hire an Internet E-faxing service:

Personal Fax Services - Internet Fax
FAQ: How can I send a fax from the Internet?

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