Fax Consols (fxsclnt.exe) command prompt arguments




I am using Windows XP Fax Console. Since there is no support for distinctive
ring I have taken it upon myself to create a program to detect said ring for
my fax line. What I need to do now is run the fxsclnt.exe and answer right
away. I have checked around an can not find the command line argument to do
this. I have tried
fxsclnt /receive
fxsclnt /answer
fxsclnt /r
fxsclnt /a
and i also tried using a hyphen (-) instead of slash (/) arguments. There is
no /? of /help so I can not figure out the usage. I know there has to be some
command line args since
fxsclnt test
will run the Fax Console with a different fax printer. Does anyone know what
command i need?

Thanks, TJ

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