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I have a main line with BellSouth, 123-4567. BellSouth has the line set up so
that I have a second number, 123-7890, that will come in on the same line,
have a different ring, and is used to receive fax'es. Is there anyway to set
up Microsoft Fax Console so that it will only answer a call that comes in on
the line via the fax number, 123-7890, which has a different ring? Remember,
just one line with 2 numbers and right now Fax Console will pick up the call
regardless of which number the caller dialed, 123-4567 ort 123-7890, and I
only want Fax Console to pick up if the caller dialed 123-7890.



Hal Hostetler [MVP P/I]

Nope. What you have is Distinctive Ring and XP Fax cannot use it:

Distinctive Ring Is Not Supported by Windows 2000 Fax

I know of one third party fax application that overcomes this Distinctive
Ring problem:

FaxTalk Messenger Pro

And there are several hardware devices that can help:

Emerson Switchboard

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The general consenses is that Microsoft screwed up the ability to detect
selective ring. Evidently the modem reply handler doesn't deal with it
correctly. Naturally, if your modem has it's own way of doing things with
it's supporting software, this may be overcome. I haven't been able to use
selective ring since win 95. Never tried it with win 2k or XP after all the
patches. Retired now, and selective ring is not a current concern.

There are devices that go in front of the modem, fax machine, etc. that may
be able to work properly with selective ring. They make the routing
decision, and connect the appropriate instrument to the phone line. As far
as I know there isn't a one size fits all, since selective ring can vary
from provider to provider.

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