Fax and hp scanjet 3400c



hp driver for xp os (sj652it.exe) doesn't install the scanner in the
control panel\Scanners and Cameras.

But the scanner's buttons work right (after a lot of reinstall in safe
mode as the hp doc's is reporting).

In others words, I can scan paper using the scanner and then send it
to others app's, but I cant use app's to start the scanner, then I
cant use the fax or other apps like paint shop pro,

In few word:
scanner -> app's : works right
app's -> scanner : doesn't work

In more words:
even though XP's Device Manager clearly shows my
scanner listed under Imaging Devices, when I look at
Scanners and Cameras on the Control Panel, nothing is
listed there.
When I attempt to Add Hardware to the Scanners and
Cameras, the only listings I get under Hewlett Packard are
four different camera models. Using the HP installation CD
is fruitless, because I get the same old tired MS message
that the CD doesn't contain the necessary information to
install anything, much less the scanner.
If I use the Scanners and Camera Wizard on the
Start menu, I get a message that there is no scanner
connected to the computer.

Thanks in advance,


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