Faulty Internet connection because i tried to move my documents folder.

Sep 4, 2012
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I wanted to free my hard drive disk[c] and thought that moving my documents folder to another partitioned drive was the best way to do it. After i moved it, i realized that i can't browse online anymore. however, when i checked my torrent program, it downloads just fine. i have my internet connection but i can't seem to browse on my internet browsers[chrome, firefox and internet explorer]. i diagnosed the connection, and it advised me to check the firewall exception for FTP HTTP and HTTPS. i can now open some webpages. but not all. i tried to use ipconfig /renew in run but it doesn't work. i had restored my documents folder to its default folder now. but i still have the problem. i'm using winxp 32-bit sp 3. any help?

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