FAT16 to NTFS problem



hi there,
i have a hard disk containing windows 2000 that was installed on a FAT16 dos
partition. its a working disk but the original PC is on a customer site.
When i try and boot from it in another pc i get the BSOD because of hardware

my problem is that i need to convert the file system to NTFS (long story
dont ask....) but as i said i cant get the disk to boot. however it will
happily work as a slave disk. the question is can i safely convert to NTFS
with the disk being used as a slave or does the OS on the disk have to do
the conversion itself?




John John

You can convert the disk while it's mounted to another Windows 2000
installation, providing that the disk has enough free space available
for the conversion and that it is not for an RISC-based computer. You
should make sure that you have a backup in case things go bad during the


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