When I got my first computer five years ago (2KPro), I set it up for
FAT files instead of NTFS on the understanding that I would not be
able to communicate with people using Windows Millenium or Windows
98 if I used NTFS partitions. But if FAT32 and NTFS are file systems
and not file types, how can NTFS on my computer (2KPro) cause any
problems communicating with someone who has Windows Millenium or W.
98? I realize those OS's do not recognize NTFS partitions, but as
soon as I put a given file that I may have filed on my computer in an
NTFS partition into an email and send it, doesn't that take it out of
the NTFS environment? Wouldn't this only be a problem with computers
on the same network and not with unrelated folks far away?

I desperately need to repartition my system and add an external hard
drive, and consequently desperately need to know if switching
everything to NTFS will in any way hinder communication with clients
who have Windows Millenium or Windows 98. Up until now, I have been
totally FAT32 on my 2KPro with no NTFS.


Mr C

I think there are some wires crossed somewhere. FAT cannot read an NTFS
partition on the same machine (as standard). You can happily send
emails from NTFS to FAT to EXT2/3 etc and you can also read a share on
an NTFS drive shared over the network from a PC with a FAT file system.
All it means is once the file leaves the NTFS environment and is
transferred to a FAT environment is the ACL information is lost. Your
floppy disk drive is a type of FAT (FAT12).

Learn more here...


Hope this helps,

Mr C.

It happens that Janetb formulated :


Mr. C.,
1) Many thanks for your reply. I guess I must have been told to go FAT back
then in case I might want to install one of the non-NTFS-reading OS's as
well (?)....

2) Should I format at least a small partition at the beginning of my main
hard disk as FAT t provide a place to store emergency recovery tools or
special drivers needed for reinstallation? My original HD is 20GB and I want
to install an external HD with 160GB.

3) Are directions for converting from FAT to NTFS for XP 100% the same as
for 2KPro? I don't want yet again to be caught in the middle having to click
on something that 2KPro doesn't have....People always tend to say it's the
same for both, but usually it isn't....:-(....It's hard to find anything on
Microsft site(s) for 2KPro nowadays---all forums always give answers which
are for XP, especially directions for how to do things which leave me stuck
in the middle without the required button/tab/option, etc to select...And I
don't have that Restore System function that XP has, so I don't like to do
anything risky.....

Thanks for the help!

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