Failure installing Microsoft .NET Framework, Version 1.1 Service P



My Windows XP automatic update service has tried to install Microsoft .NET
Framework, Version 1.1 Service Pack 1 (KB886903) for the last days but it
does not succeed. When I look into the log over updates under Windows update
I see that the fist non-successful update was Microsoft .NET Framework 1.1
Service Pack 1.


OK - tried that; i.e. asked the other newsgroup and to install the downloaded
one. When installing the patch myself gives an errormessage that states that
a different version of Microsoft .NET Framework is installed.

Is it possible to uninstall all Microsoft .NET Framework and install it from



I took a chance and removed the .net 1.1 installation and reinstalled from a
fresh download that I found on the developerzone at When the
patch tried to install it was not sucesfull (the automatic update function of
Windows XP does want me to have this).

I also seem to have .Net 2.0 installed; can this be the problem?



check again to sure that you did not install .net frame work.
you can also remove all before a new install, to remove you can choose
settings-control panel - add remove programs
in add remove programs interface, choose .net framework.

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