Extra spaces in a copy/paste from Excel into Word as a link with HTML formatting

Mar 13, 2013
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I have a very simple sheet in Excel 2010 with basic conditional formatting: red if the number is negative, green if it is positive. I applied a number code to add a plus sign or minus sign in front of the number depending on how it gets calculated:


The problem is that when I copy/paste any cell into Word 2010 as a link with HTML Formatting, extra spaces get added above and below the number as if there is some extra padding applied. When in Word, I hit ALT-F9 to see the display codes and all I see is this:

{ LINK Excel.Sheet.12 "C:\\My Documents\\Temp\\Book1.xlsx" "Sheet3!R22C9" \a \f 4 \h }

The extra space above and below even occurs without any of my conditional formatting. If I open up a brand new sheet, type in a number, then copy/paste that into Word as a link with HTML formatting, the spaces still get added. If I try to delete the spaces in Word then it deletes the entire thing because its all part of the same cell.

What am I missing here and how do I eliminate those extra spaces? I've already tried word wrapping, aligning the cells left, justifications, etc. Nothing works!

thanks for your help!!

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