Extra spaces at top of page




I'm working on a word document on an HP laptop, using Word 2010 and have encountered a weird problem.

I am editing this document, and have this paragraph that will not position itself nicely at the top of the page. it either wants the title to be over the edge on the bottom of the page before (lets say... page 1), or ten lines down from the top of page 2. When I delete one line, it deletes all ten and throws the title onto page 1. When I press enter once, it adds ten linesand throws it a good few inches below the top of page 2.

I have gone to page set-up and ensured the vertical alignment is set to top.. And I have also gone into options and checked the 'suppress extra line spacing at the top of the page'. Neither have eliminated the problem.

When I 'show paragraph marks', all I see is ten 'paragraph' symbols (ten lines) that I do not want.

Does anyone know how to fix this?


Peter T. Daniels

Are you saying you can't delete those ten paragraph marks individually?

What do you see when you Show Non-Printing Characters (Ctrl-Shift-8)?

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