External data range


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I posted this question yesterday and cannot find the post anywhere so I
apologize if someone answered this already.

I am using VLOOKUP to an external workbook that has 14,841 rows of data. The
lookup worked great when I only had 13,978 rows of data, now that I have
added more rows I get a memory error that says:

Excel cannot complete this task with available resources. Choose less data
or close other applications.

So, my question is two fold. First what is the limitation of Excel lookup
since I have many more rows of data that I will ultimately want to lookup.
Second, what better solution can I use other than VLOOKUP if the size of the
data is an issue?


FP Novice

I am going to answer my own question on this one...

I changed the lookup from an external workbook to a worksheet in the
workbook doing the VLOOKUP, this seems to have cleared the memory error.

I would still like to know of any limitations that there may be.


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