Lookup row and columbn using text for both



I'm not sure if this is possible, but I supposed everything is with Excel.

I want to create a lookup formula using text for the row and column. I know
i can use a vlookup or hlookup and use text as the first parameter, but you
are required to put in a # for the column or row depending on the formula.

Is there anyway I can lookup text on both the column and row to pull data.
a b c
1 abc
2 xyz 50

What I want to do is, =VLOOKUP("xyz",A1:C3,"abc",FALSE) and it would return
the 50. I use many sheets that will always have the same text, but the
columns or rows may change and I don't want to have to spend more time making
sure the formula is correct than the data is correct.




T. Valko

The general syntax would be:


Better to use cells to hold the criteria:

E1 = xyz
F1 = abc



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