External Data Range


FP Novice

What is the limitation for an external data range. I have a table that is
being searched that worked up to 13,978 rows of data, I added more
information increasing the table to 14,841 rows. Now when I try to link to
the external worksheet I get an error:

Excel cannot complete this task with available resources. Choose less data
or close other applications.

Since it looks like a memory problem with to much data in the table being
loaded to RAM, is there a better way to do a Vlookup when so many rows of
data need to be searched?

Thank you,

ND Pard

I use MSQuery to extract data from an Access database with over 1,000,000
records to bring summarized data into Excel.

However, I don't just "link" to it.

Not sure if this is of any use to ya ... hope so.

Good Luck.

Don Guillett

I don't know the limit but I do know that Excel does NOT like LARGE external
databases. So, strange as it seems, one solution is to import the data INTO
the destination file. It would still be desirable to break up the lookup

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