Expunge IMAP folder when file is deleted


Galen Henderson

Hello. I've searched the net and found lots of references there but
none that will work for me. They speak of settings that are not there
in some cases so I am hoping some of you experts can help.

Here is my situation:

I have 2 imap accounts. One is at Gmail and the other is a local IMAP
server (hmailserver). When I delete a message from any Gmail folder, it
is automatically purged. When I delete a message from any folder on the
hmailserver, it puts a line through the message and forces me to expunge
it. I have looked all over the net and nothing works. I've looked at
every possible setting to no avail. Thing is that they are both IMAP
accounts. I have also looked at all of the hmailserver settings but
none do any good. Anybody have any ideas? All help will be appreciated!



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