Exporting to XML more than one table


Brett Collins

I am trying to export an two Access tables to an xml file,
the tables have a relationship joining the tables. When I
open the main table in the datasheet I have a plus (+) in
column row against each row clicking the plus shows the
rows from the sub table that are joined to this row in the
main table.

When I select export table for the main table and choose
save as type "XML Document" I get a dialogue box which
gives me some options. In the Access online documentation
it says:

"If you are exporting from a table, only the data from the
currently selected table is exported, by default. Click
the Include related tables check box to export the
currently selected table along with any related side
tables. "

I am looking for the "Include related tables" check box
but cannot find it. So I can only generate an xml file for
the selected table, Does anyone know where this checkbox
is so I can generate an xml file containing both files?

Joe Fallon

You did not mention the version of Access.
A2003 is the only version that does this correctly that I am aware of.
A2002 Help was in error as I recall.

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