Exporting Selected Contacts



A friend manages a local social group and has the members included in her
personal contacts , using a distribution list to email them.

Now they want to export the selected contacts so that another member who is
taking over can import them.

I see that the Distribution List > SEND > Outlook Format seems to create a
copy of the Distribution List that looks like it could be imported into
another Outlook file ?

Of course , I can't tell you what the new person uses for email , so I guess
the bottom line question is

Is there a way to export selected contacts to a 'universal ' format (
possible cave ) that could be imported by most programs ?

Quite a while ago , I suggested using another program for the group's email
needs to keep things separate , and that was deemed to be ' too much
trouble'....now I think they may see the value ?



Sparky said:
Apologies , I should have mentioned she's using Outlook 2007
How about right clicking on each address in the to box you receive from
the friend on the PC the new List manager uses. I advise using looking
up contact first to avoid duplicates.


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