Exporting Memo fields into Excel



I have an extensive query that I need to export into an Excel spreadsheet -
however the memo field only copies over the first 255 characters - is there a
way to bring over the entire memo field? If I bring them over one by one
(copy) it does the whole memo field, but cannot bring over the entire query
with the memo fields. I've got over 1400 records in this query - how can I
bring over everything to excel including the full memo fields.
Thanks very much!


I had that problem several years ago, and don't exactly recall how I dealt
with it. Try using Excel to pull the data from Access rather than pushing it
from Access to Excel.

In Excel, go to the Data menu option and select "Import External Data" and
in the submenu that pops up, select "New Database Query".

In the dialog box, select "MS Access Database" and in the next dialog,
select the file that your query resides in, and then select the query you
want to use.


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