export outlook express emails to an account within outlook 2003

May 13, 2005
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The situation is as follows :

I have got two different accounts within outlook express (e-mail address removed) and (e-mail address removed)

On outlook 2003 I have got 3 other different accounts ( two of them are alreday existing : (e-mail address removed), and (e-mail address removed) ) and the third one will be (e-mail address removed)

I created a folder withing outlook 2003 and I named it "InboxForImportedOperation"

I would like to move messages for ( (e-mail address removed)) account that are categorized into folders (24 folder with different names) within the inbox from Outlook Express to the specific folder (named InboxForImportedOperstion ) within outlook 2003 on the same PC.

After I move that from OE to outlook 2003 I will delete account ([email protected]) from OE.

Would it be possible to preserve the custom made folders within Outlook Express inbox when we migate them to outlook 2003 ?


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