Export as csv file to excel from Outlookexchange



Good evening.

I am trying to export my contacts to an Excel spreadsheet as a CSV format
from Outlook exchange. I mapped the fields I wanted to export and sent them
to Excel, however, the E-mail address, which is most important, does not
export as a typical e-mail address. It appears to be an offshoot of the
alias that Outlookuses. How can I export the correct e-mail format. I.E.
(e-mail address removed), etc.
Or can I easily do something in Excel tocorrect all the e-mail addresses at
one time.

Karl Timmermans

Unfortunately, Outlook will only export the Exch email addresses for your
Exchange based contacts.

ContactGenie Exporter may be of interest which provides the option of also
exporting the SMTP email addresses (i.e. (e-mail address removed)) for Exchange
based contacts from any contact source - PST, Exch mailbox, public folder,
or GAL (unfortunately, it's not free)
Features: http://www.contactgenie.com/cgxfeatures.htm
D/L: http://www.contactgenie.com/cg20dlorder.htm


Karl Timmermans - The Claxton Group
ContactGenie - Importer 1.3 / DataPorter 2.0 / Exporter
"Power contact importers/exporters for MS Outlook '2000/2007"

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