Explorer.exe keeps restarting!!!



After loging in, I get a message that says "Windows Explorer has stopped
then it says "Windows Explorer is restarting." This keeps going over and
over again. I have left it through the night and it still does the same. I
cant do anything because explorer keeps restarting (desktop disappears and
comes back). Many files i need, cant erase my hardrive.

Please help!!!!!
Many thanks


its probably an internet explorer shell extension..

you can use this program to disable all non microsoft ones until you find
the one that is the culprit..

I am assuming you are sending this message from another pc..

so download that,

unzip it. this does not need installation,
and write it on to a cd then pace it inisde the crashing explorer pc, and
press CTRL SHIFT ESC so the taskmanager will start
then go to FILE AND RUN and type the path of the program you have on the cd
for example if its the cd drive is D


and press enter.. then right click disable all NON microsoft shell
extensions (usually colored in PINK)

do a restart and your pc will most likley stop crashing the explorer

do a scan for viruses and spyware-malware

tell me if this helps


Thanks for your help, when i start the shex view i right click on the pink
colored ones and press the disable button, but it still says its not disabled.

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