Explorer.EXE - Entry Point Not Found



PC boot up to a blank screen with no icons, startup.
Pressing ALT+CONTR+DEL shows that the system is running.
This happened after i uninstall IE7.
The error message is as follows:
Explorer.exe - entry point not found
The procedure entry point InternetCrackUrlW could not be located in the
dynamic library WINNET.dll

Any feedback welcome.

Thank you

Newbie Coder


WINNET.DLL you mean WININET.DLL, don't you?

InternetCrackW is a unicode function in the said DLL

You could try registering the file, but maybe you'll get the DLL entry point
not found message when you do

To register:

Click RUN
Type: 'regsvr32 wininet.dll' (without quotes) & click OK

Not sure what else to suggest off the top of my head - sorry,

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