Explorer 'details view' in vista, Do you love them?


Are Riff

New Explorer in vista cause a headache, usually when I open a folder which
contain my installer, programs, etc. the explorer window shows columns with
details such as 'artists', 'album', and 'genre'. I understand that these are
very useful only if there are a lot of songs (MP3, WMA) in that folder
because it will scan the tag of the songs and display them accordingly.
However if there are only programs and other thing that doesn't related to
the 'thing' that contain tag info, i think it is pretty useless. So anyone
have any idea? I love more the way XP display it's file in details view.

Richard Urban

I just have to ask why you are saving programs in, or installing programs to
the folder that is templated for music. If you stick to music it all makes

I have vista on three different personal computers and the music folder does
what it is designed to do - that is, show somewhat pertinent information
about music - not programs and executables.



Richard Urban
Microsoft MVP Windows Shell/User

Don Varnau

Vista is giving you the columns it thinks you should have based on the type
of files it has detected (perhaps erroneously) in that folder.

To set columns for a folder, right-click in the folder >Customize this
folder> What kind of folder do you want? Use this folder as a template>
select "All Items." Vista should stop changing columns for that folder and
you can set the columns you wish the folder to have.

Hope this helps,

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