Expanding Volume on Win2000 SP4 Std Server Using Diskpart



I have an HP ML350 server running Win2k Server Std SP4. It's configured with
a 70GB RAID5 disket. I've added 2 more hot swap drives and expanded the
RAID5 using these additional drives. I ran the diskpart.exe utility (list
volumes, select volume #, extend) and I get and error when I try to extend:
"Diskpart failed to extend the volume. Please make sure the volume is valid
for extending". Funny thing is, now Diskpart and Disk Mgr shows the new size
of 135GB, but the properties of C: still shows as 70GB. WTF? I have
performed this exact same procedure before on an identical server without a
problem. I booted to safe mode cmd prompt and tried diskpart extend again
but recd the same error.

I did some research and Googling and found some forums that mention a
utility called FSEXTEND that, when run, will resolve this. I can't seem to
locate this util and when I called MS, I had no success.

Anyone else run into this? Suggestions?

Thanks in advance for your assistance,




Did you ever find an answer to this. This happened to me on a test server
and I am hesitant to do it on the production without a resolution. I did not
get the error, but the disk size discrepancy you had was my issue. The
resolution was to use a 3rd party (acronis) utility and resized the partition
and it cleared it up.

On my situation, I have a Dl380 cluster with an MSA500 hanging off of it.
the Acronis partition utility wont see the array, so I can't use it to Extend
the OS partition.

One more question - you said you have used this before successfully. On
production, I have 108 gb on my drive H and 36 gb of unallocated space (after
expanding and extending using Array utilities from HP). Using diskpart do I
set the focus to the H drive that has the current data, then type the extend
command while it has the focus? When I do this, the command should go and
suck up all 36 gb of the unallocated space right? This is what I did on
the test box and go the same result as you did.

I just want to verify that I am doing this right.

Thanks in advance.

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