Diskpart - extend basic disk partition, not showing in explorer, shows in diskpart



Server is Win2K, sp4. Recently expanded a RAID-5 (hardware raid, dell
Perc2SC) from one physical 36gb disk (data only drive, os is on
another) with two partitions, 18gb each (E: and F:)

After RAID expansion, I had the two original partitions, and ~36GB
free after F:.

I used DISKPART to expand F: into the free space. It appeared to work
fine, showing the space in diskpart ~54GB). Note: the volume (volume
9) had a * next to it after the operation.

The space did not show in explorer, my computer, or volume properties.
So, we rescaned drives in drive manager. No change. So we restarted.
No change.

Server appears to run, which is good because this client is nearly a
24x7 shop this time of year. However, they are still creaping up on
"full" on this volume (~3.5gb free).

I found this:


however, it appears that this only applies to pre-sp4 machines. How
can I tell if this applies to me, and more importantly, how can I fix
the problem?!?!? Client is VERY nervous.

Please post replies or even better email to jbrinker at syr dot edu.

ANY help is greatly appreciated.


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