Expanding a System Partition



I just bought a 650 GB Seagate hard drive to replace my existing 120 GB
drive, because the existing system partition (C:) is only 13.97 GB and is
chronically full. I used the "Disc Wizard" software that came with the new
drive to clone the existing drive. It was supposed to clone all the data
while proportionately resizing each partition. Well, it resized the data
partition (D:) just fine, but refuses to resize the system partition, no
matter what options I choose.

I found a suggestion where a guy used Disc Wizard to clone his drive "as
is", and then used diskpart.exe to expand the system partition on the new
drive. When I tried that, diskpart gave me an error message that said
"Diskpart failed to extend the volume. Please make sure the volume is valid
for extending." Again, I tried a bunch of different options with no luck.

Does anyone have a workable way that I can extend the system partition on
the new drive?




egun said:
P.S. - is the article below something that would help?


I don't know, but from reading the KB article and some of your info, I
take it that you might be doing this all from windows. IIRC the disc
wizard is run from CD/Floppy and not as a part of windows. But again,
I'm not sure. I use Acronis True Image which disk wizard is cloned from
and it runs from both windows and a boot CD. I prefer the Boot CD.

Good luck.

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