Removing Acronis Secure Zone



I'm using Acronis True Image Home 2009 for backups on WinXP. Sometime in the
past I created a Secure Zone of 12 GB on my C drive. I'm now placing my
backups on an external hard drive and would like to recover that 12 GB. I've
removed it using Acronis. Now Acronis and the system Disc Management program
indicate that I now have a primary partition of 24.45 GB and an unallocated
partition of 12.82 GB on my C drive .

I've tried using DISKPART to expand the primary partition. I've followed the
instructions in the Disc Management "Extend a Basic Volume" help text. I
type "list volume" and I see that volume 1 is my primary volume. I then type
"select volume 1" and then "extend" which produces the following message:

DiskPart failed to extend the volume.
Please make sure the volume is valid for extending.

What am I doing wrong?


It didn't seem to me to be a problem with Acronis. The disk management
program and Acronis both indicate that the 12 GB partition is unallocated.
The DISKPART help text states that the command 'extend': "Extends the volume
with focus into next contiguous unallocated space." Isn't that what I want
to do?

I once asked Acronis a question soon after I got the program. It was weeks
before I got a reply.


Perhaps the unallocated partition has to be prepared first, e.g. allocated
and then maybe formatted? Just a guess.

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