expanding raid 5 volume




I recently added 3x72gb drives to an existing 3x72gb raid 5 set.
Current setup running 2k3 server on 1, raid 5, logical drive (dont ask me
why) which contains 10gb-c: (system part) & 126gb-e: (data drive)
I extended the array as instructed by the server raid utility, this worked
fine. However i cannot access the option to extend the free space on the
existing 140gb (c:&e:) logical drive..
I cannot use disk manager to extend it as if im right, it has to be a
dynamic disk to do this.
I have tried using the diskpart.exe to no effect.

Any help would be much appreciated.



Bjorn Landemoo


Is the free space that you added a separate container (logical drive -as
you call it), or is it an extension of your current container?

In Disk Administrator, you will need the added space in the same "disk",
probably Disk 0, in order for diskpart to work. Only on your second
partition, E:, will be extendable.

Keep your disk as basic, you won't be able to extend if you convert to
dynamic disk.

Best regards


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