Expanding Dynamic disk partitions

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Tommy Vielkanowitz

I have a dynamic disk that was converted to dynamic
during an upgrade from SBS 4.5 to SBS 2000. I would like
to expand the C partition, as it is only 1.8GB, to
available space on the disk. However, when I try to
resize the C partition, I get an error telling me that
this partition was not created on a dynamic disk, and
only partitions created on a dynamic disk can be
resized. As a test, I have tried to create a Ghost image
of the data, delete the partitions, and create a new
larger partition, and restore the image file. When I do
this, I can no longer log into the server. When I log on
with administrator, the sytem immediately logs me off
again without even seeing the desktop.

It would be real nice to be able to expand the C
partition without having to reinstall SBS, because I am
constantly having to delete temp files to free up enough
space so Exchange dosen't crash :/

Any thoughts on this would be welcome.

--Tommy Vielkanowitz
tvielkanowitz (at) shared-resources (dot) net

Pam Long

So back to the original problem. I have the same problem
with a C: drive that's too small, it's been upgraded to a
dynamic drive. Is my only option to reformat the physical
drive and reinstall windows?

Bjorn Landemoo


Yes, as far as I understand that would be your only option, if you cannot
get the ghosted installation to work.

Best regards

Aug 10, 2009
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What is the dynamic volume resizing limitation in Disk Management?

Before Windows Vista, you cannot resize dynamic disk conveniently, following operation is impossible.

1. Extend System Volume/ Boot Volume.

2. Expand Mirror Volume.

3. Increase Stripped Volume.

4. Extend RAID5 Volume

5. Extend the Simple Volume which was converted from the basic disk of Windows XP/2003 that was upgraded from Windows 2000.

There is no software could resize or expand dynamic disk directly, you need to convert it back to basic disk, after that, resize the partition with partition software. see how to convert dynamic disk to basic disk

To resize partitions on Windows Server, there is a guide http://www.hdd-tool.com/partition-magic/resize-windows-server-with-partition-magic-software.htm

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Sep 9, 2009
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Thanks zhuq, this is greate resource. That will be better if one software could do the whole job. Anyway, my problem solved. Nice post.
Aug 17, 2011
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actually this is not a big problem. just get a professional third-party partition tool.
i just resized the C volume on server with partition manager.
very fast and safe, dont need to reinstall anything.
maybe u should try it, too.

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