Expanding Distribution List in To: Field


Adrian Jones

I have a distribution list, in Outlook 2007, which contains all the contacts
in our organisation. this is stored in our Shared Contacts, on the Exchange
Server, under Public Folders.

When I use this list in the To: field of an email, it displays a [+] to
allow it to be expanded. Clicking on this gives me and error:

"Cannot perform the requested operation. The command selected is not valid
for this recipient."

Clicking on "Show Help >>" gives me:

"This error usually occurs when you attempt to view the calendar for a user
who has one or more of the following issues:"

And then goes on to talk about calendar sharing issues, not email or
contacts problems.

It finished up with:

"For more information, see Microsoft Knowledge Based article 813603."

But the link to the KB article 813603 fails.

Does anyone have any idea how to expand a list like this? Although this list
is useful there are occasions (such as when asking for birthday
contributions!) when we need to be able to expand the list and remove one or
two people.

Thanks in advance


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