Expand text/information to fill sheet for printing



I am trying to ascertain if there is a method by which I can cause
text/information on a worksheet to expand, and thereby fill the entire page
(print preview for instance). I have a document that, when viewed on screen,
is certainly fine for working with and in due to the ability to zoom the
view. However, when I print said document, it fills perhaps a quarter of the
paper, and is hideously small.

Is there a way to expand, zoom perhaps, the worksheet text so that it will
fill the page when printed without having to go in and manually adjust every
font size, column width, and/or margin setting?

Thank you for your time and attention.




You could create a text box and copy and past the text into it. Once the text
is in the text box you can manipulate the box to fit the screen. If you don’t
want the border around the box just select the box, right click, format text
box, choose the color and lines tab, and under line, no line.




I have successfully used the setup from print preview for exactly what you
are suggesting. After going to print preview just click setup. You can
choose to magnify the output or tell it to fit to however many pages you want
it to fill. Try experimenting until you get the output you would like. This
should allow you to expand the printout to fill the page and make it more
visually friendly.

Hope that helps!

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